We Started With An Idea

Your skin has this way of being great to you one week, before behaving like you’ve never cared for it the next, screaming at you in angry fits of dry skin and breakouts. This is what we call a ‘skintuation’.

We don’t buy in to the convention that your skin fits a type. Instead we follow our own ideology. One that considers that your skin now can be different from your skin in the future, and that today’s calm skin can be a full blown situation tomorrow. To address this common problem, we don’t offer products for skin types, instead, we create solutions to skin situations.


Mabel + Meg is a range of effective ingredients and formulations that target skin situations – Designed to enhance your existing routines.

Our Founder


Frances is a former medical professional, and having spent numerous hours in patient care, she began to merge her love for her two favourite things – medicine and cosmetics. Focusing on ingredient quality and efficacy, she worked tirelessly to develop the Lumilixir. Since the launch of Mabel + Meg in 2016, she continues to expend the range to effectively tackle more and more skintuations.